Leilani Shells Retailers Sales Agreement

By completing our Wholesale Registration on the Leilani Shells website (https://www.leilanishells.com, you the retailer are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all wholesale orders. 

International Wholesale Orders (Applies To All Collections)

  • Special offer for new partners: The first introductory minimum order will only be 250 EUR excluding shipping (No vat charged).
  • Thereafter the minimum opening order for each season must be 500 EUR.
  • Subsequent orders for the same season must be a minimum of 250 EUR.
  • FREE carriage paid on international orders of 2000 EUR.
  • We are accepting wholesale applications for retail and online stores world wide for our next collection.
  • All orders must be paid for in full prior to shipping.
  • We usually use DHL International Airfreight for all international orders. Sometimes we ship with FED- EX or UPS.
  • We offer price discounts on larger QTYs.
  • We do not offer a drop ship service.

    Europe Wholesale Orders (Applies To All Collections)

    • Special offer for new partners: The first introductory minimum order must be 250 EUR excluding shipping ( Excluding VAT ).
    • Thereafter the minimum opening order for each season must be 500 EUR.
    • Subsequent orders for the same season must be a minimum of 250 EUR.
    • We are accepting wholesale applications for retail and online stores within Europe for our next collection.
    • All orders must be paid for in full prior to shipping.
    • We usually use DHL Express or FedEx to ship to Europe.
    • We offer order discounts on larger QTYs.
    • We do not offer a drop ship service.
    • We can help with importation to Europe since we have a license and warehouse there.

    Specal Offer: Bali Wholesale Orders (Only Applies To Bali Crafted Products)

    • Special offer for new partners: The first introductory minimum order must be 200 EUR (No vat charged).
    • Thereafter the minimum opening order for each season must be 400 EUR.
    • Subsequent orders for the same season must be a minimum of 200 EUR.
    • We are accepting wholesale applications for retail and online stores within Indonesia for our next collection.
    • FREE Carriage paid on all orders.
    • We offer order discounts on larger QTYs.
    • We do not offer a drop ship service.

    Minimum Spend

    • The minimum spend for stockists Internationally is 500 EUR.
    • If you require a restock of the same seasons collection the minimum is 250 EUR.
    • Please note minimum spend amounts do not include postage & import taxes.

    Friendly Minimum Quantity

    At Leilani Shells we want you to be able to choose small quantities since we understand that it can be a challenge to test new products within your store and making sure to sell out.

    Therefore, we only require a minimum quantity of 5-25 per product and have a minimum spend on your first order of any seasons collection.


    We can offer samples for a quality check on request for additional charge and can be discussed in a quick meeting.

    Special Requests - We`d love to meet you and talk!

    We truly understand that no retailer is the same and has unique customer needs. Our designer is personally there to discuss any special requests or thoughts that you have prior to starting a partnership and purchasing our products. We can hop on a quick zoom call to meet each other and talk about your stores needs. Please contact jenny@leilanishells.com or send a whatsapp to Jenny Melia +49015731461701.


    Stockists that do pre-sales to customers on their website must have ordered that product on Leilani Shells website and paid invoice in full prior to pre-sale.
    If a stockist orders a product from Leilani Shells that they have pre-sold on their website, and arrives to Leilani Shells with a defect or size issue.

    We will be unable to send out that product to the stockist. Pre-sales are at stockists risk.

    We do not take responsibility for pre-sales. The amount paid to Leilani Shells will be refunded.

    Shipping - Lowest Postage and Handling Fees Guaranteed

    • Shipping within the Indonesia region is estimated at around 10-12 EUR for up to 25kg depending on your location.
    • Shipping costs depend on your location and the weight of the packages. Shipping will not be charged on checkout. You will be invoiced separately for shipping.
    • At Leilani Shells we use DHL International for international shipping and JNT within Indonesia.
    • We always guarantee lowest shipping costs with DHL for your order. We have a special agreement with them where we get the lowest prices internationally.
    • Shipping with DHL internationally can be estimated between 35-80 EUR for 1-2kg (About 100-200 necklaces). For 25kg the pricing is estimated between 300-500€ (About 10,000 to 12,000 necklaces).
    • We ship from all our warehouses depending on products. Most products will directly come from our family production in Bali or our warehouse in Portugal. A few other selected items are produced in our small family production in Guangzhou as we widen our circle of crafts man and support small businesses around the world.
    • Please email us for exact shipping prices or alternatively you can organise your own courier.

      If stock is damaged in transit this is the responsibility of the shipping company, Leilani Shells takes no responsibility for shipping once it has left our premises. However, in these cases we are always 100% willing to help with all our power and knowledge.

      We encourage you to add additional insurance and tracking to cover such risks, please let us know if you wish to do so. If you, the retailer engage your own courier service to ship the product then it is your responsibility to seek compensation for any damaged goods. 

      So far, we never had an issue with the couriers that ship to our clients.

      Import and Custom Duties - International Orders

      • All international taxes and customs clearance charges are the responsibility of the retailer.
      • You should check your duty free treshold of your country & make sure you are eligable to import goods. 
      • We have experience with importing internationally, so if that sounds scary, we are happy to support you in any way we can and discuss this prior to partnering up.


      • When purchasing stock payment must be upfront via either Transferwise (Bank Transfer or Credit Cart / Most used option & cheapest) , Credit Card (Via Stripe Invoice) or via PayPal. See surcharges below.
      • Once payment has been received we will distribute the stock to you. Please allow 3-4weeks once payment has been received for us to process your wholesale order. (We make stock to order to reduce waist and operate at the highest level of sustainable production)

      If you require the stock immediately please email us at jenny@leilanishells.com and we will endeavor to accommodate a quicker turn around.

      Wholesale Payment Surcharges:

      Payment Gateway Surcharge Title Surcharge Amount
      PayPal International PayPal Surcharge 3.6%
      Bank Transfer *Cheap Transferwise Calculated before sending
      Credit Card Stripe Payments 2.8%
      Direct Bank Transfer International Bank Surcharge

      *More info on Paypal fees here >
      Shipping Invoice:
      Once your item has been shipped you will receive an invoice for shipping that you can pay with credit card or bank tranfer, this is shipped at the lowest rate through Fed Ex, UPS & mostly DHL (Internationally).
      Shipping is calculated separately from wholesale order and invoiced.

      We do this to allow stockists to never overpay for deliveries as they are calculated on weight of package once Leilani Shells has paid the shipping carrier and the package is on its way.
      Payment is accept via Credit Card, or Transferwise.
      We do expect payment within 7 days. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late invoices. Outstanding payments after 60 days will be sent to the debt collectors. All expenses involved are the responsibility of the retailer.

      All shipment involves must now be paid prior to shipment or packages will not be shipped.

      • A stockist of Leilani Shells merchandise is responsible for insurance in case of theft and damage.
      • Any outstanding payment will incur an administration fee of $20 and all overdue payments will incur a 10% additional fee.
      • All stock must be paid in full up front via bank transfer, transfer wise, PayPal or credit card, stock will not be shipped until funds have cleared.

      Online Sales Agreement

      Upon placing an order, you agree to abide by the following rules. Unfortunately failure to do so will result in cancellation of wholesale application:
      1. Items must ONLY go on sale online/social media during the following periods:
      (a) EOFY: 23rd – 30th June 2022
      (b) CLEARANCE SALE: 1st September 2022 till stock is sold out.
      (c) BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE: Friday 26th – 29th November 2021.
      (d) BOXING DAY SALE: 26th December 2021 till stock sold. (Leilani Shells does not do a Boxing Day sale. Our sale is the 1st Jan.)
      2. You may however have sales using coupon codes via email marketing only ( not advertised on social media or coupons through your brand reps) or you may have sales inside your retail brick and mortar store. 

      Refund Policy

      • We do not provide refunds or exchange for change of mind, so please choose carefully.
      • If the goods are faulty or not true to design then we will  apply a credit or refund for agreed products.
      • If there is a manufactures defect with any item, please complete an email   with images and details of the defect for your refund or credit. Email returns to : returns@leilanishells.com
      • We don’t accept return of faulty items that have been worn or returned without their tags.

      Media Marketing Kit Included - For Your Use 

      • Leilani Shells provides high resolution photos & videos & Ads via google drive to promote the Leilani Shells label for the use on approved stockists websites and/or any social media. Please note that these images remain the sole property of Leilani Shells and we have final say on the usage of images.
      • You may use any of the images from our website.
      • All images published on Instagram featuring Leilani Shells threads must include tags @leilanishells and #leilanishells. Failure to continually not tag the Leilani Shells brand may result in us cancelling your wholesale account. Images taken from our Instagram and Facebook page must also include tags from our brand reps and permission from customers posting them. We take no responsibility for the images you share on social media.
      • At Leilani Shells we encourage stockists to use not only our images at anytime but also their own creative images of Leilani Shells products in any market campaigns. Our aim is to promote you as much as we can on social media and if we love your images we are happy to promote and tag. Customers love flat-lays, photo-shoots on plain backgrounds and lifestyle shots, mixing them up can create an awesome social media profile.
      • If you find any images you love from our latest collection that you love and would like to use for your website banners or marketing let us know and we will send you high resolution images.

      Coupon Codes

      At times we may give you a coupon code for a credit of a product, this coupon is valid for 6 months after date of issue.
      Our retail customer coupon codes for discounts cannot be used on wholesale orders. As we have one system, the coupon code may work but is invalid. You will either be asked to pay wholesale prices or be issued a refund. We have the right to cancel your order at our discretion.


      We have the right to refuse a stockist or cancel a stockist order if a stockist is misleading in any way or form. We may do this at anytime if our brand is being represented in the wrong way.

      Retail stores without a website will not be an approved stockist.

      Stockists that mislead our brand reps in anyway, whether to tag them in items they have been given from Leilani Shells or get brand reps to purchase on their discount codes on discounted products is not allowed, and will not continue to stock Leilani Shells.


      Fraudulent activities are highly monitored on our site and if fraud is detected Leilani Shells shall resort all remedies available to us, and you shall be responsible for all costs and legal fees arising from these fraudulent activities.

      By Law

      Our agreement and these terms and conditions will be construed and governed according the laws of Hamburg, Germany.


      We love feedback, it helps us grow and improve our products so we can give stockists and customers exactly what they want. Let us know what’s selling or not selling and what customers are saying about Leilani Shells merchandise. Feedback good or bad…helps us stay ahead of the market.