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Save A Coral Baby


How Do You Help?


You’re helping us collect a small coral fragment from the sea to grow at our coral nursery for restoration. 

What Is A Coral Nursery?

A coral nursery is a place for broken coral fragments to grow slightly above the ground! That way we can protect the baby coral from sea currents that will break the small coral into even smaller pieces until it's completely dissolved.

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50% of corals are already dead. We only have until 2050 to save what remains.

Our plan is to plant over 5000 corals this year and restore thousands of turtles, dolphins and fish home.

Let's save our beloved paradise under the sea and protect mother earth by contributing to faster reef rehabilitation.

How We Plant Your Coral


We are working closely with our partners Blue Corner Conservation together to restore the dying reefs on our dive side in Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Find out how our corals are planted in the video...

What is a coral?


Coral are tiny soft-bodied animal that are the lungs of the sea and protect an important ecosystem for life underwater, protect coastal areas by reducing the power of waves hitting the coast, and provide a crucial source of income for millions of people. Coral reefs teem with diverse life. Thousands of species can be found living on one reef.

For the planet certified by Marine Biologists

Get a coral planting certificate with your name

Save the ocean & its animals

100% Sustainable coral research.

The Process Of Planting Your Coral

Step 1:

Collect a small broken coral fragment from the bottom of the sea.

Step 2:

Once baby coral fragments are collected, they will be installed on our nursery ropes.

Step 3:

Watch them grow into big healthy corals.

Step 4:

Harvest the grown corals and swim them up to the boat.

Step 5:

Carefully break smaller fragements off the coral. Be quick and avoid sun, otherwise the coral gets stressed and dies.

Step 6:

Install the coral pieces our scientifically tested steel frames.

Step 7:

Swim the frames to the bottom of the sea.

Step 8:

Secure the frame inside the ground so the current doesnt take them.

Step 9:

Repeat this process and watch many reef families grow. Together they create a whole new ecosytsem.

Step 10:

Watch all the fish, turtles and dolphins come back to their new home.


Become A Certified Coral Planter For Free

You will receive a certificate with your name and location of the coral.

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